Gipsy is an approximately 7-year old Jack Russell Terrier mix with a wiggle bum. He is an affectionate and playful boy. He absolutely loves going for walks and playing with toys. He will often throw and chase his own toy until it goes under the couch when he will whine to let you know he can't reach it. His favourite game is "Keep Away".

He has been fostered in a multi-dog home and there have been no issues except he can get a little snippy with them when treats are being offered, he responds well to a "No" in that instance and hasn't taken it any further than that. He will play with the other dogs in the household. Toys have been involved in this play and he doesn't appear possessive in that situation.

Cats don't phase him unless they are running around the house, then he thinks they are fun to chase and bark at, but he has not been aggressive towards them. When the cats are relaxed, he will often use them as body pillows.

He likes to sleep on your pillow and is good with sleeping through the night.

There are no house-training issues. He does bark when someone comes to the door and when he sees a neighbour over the fence, but otherwise he is a pretty quiet boy.

Some toys will need to be monitored as Gipsy does feel it is well within his Jack Russell rights to kill stuffed toys and pull their insides out!

Gipsy had some bladder stones that were removed earlier this year. He is now on a special veterinary diet to prevent their recurrence, and he must be on this diet for the rest of his life. He has a grade 2-3 heart murmur. He also had a corneal ulcer repaired. He has three lipomas (fatty masses) that were tested and are benign, so it is not necessary for these lumps to be removed.

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Gipsy is being lovingly fostered in Barrie, Ontario.
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Affectionate, agile
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Hi my name is Tobey and I am a senior gent and I am looking for my forever home. Sadly, my dad who had me since I was a baby passed away and I found myself no longer wanted and found myself looking for another home. Well, it hasn’t being easy losing everything I knew and trying to adjust to a new way of life and yes, I will admit I was a bit difficult at first. Then my foster parents took me to the vet, and they found out I was in pain and they began me on a medication called Gabapentin, I take 200 mgs in the morning and 200 mgs around 6’ish and it has made me feel so much better and I am so much happier. This medication only costs 35 a month plus tax so that isn’t so bad now is it, to keep me happy and pain free?

Oka,y enough about that, lets get back to talk about me and the home I am looking for. Please no stairs, I don’t mind them going out the door or on and off the deck, but sets of stairs are just to hard on me. I will allow mama and papa to carry me up and down but it would be nice just to avoid them all together. I love going for walks, and am a good boy on them, but I am not ready for any marathons; not that I am lazy, you see me race about the yard when I feel like being silly and don’t want to come in.

I need a retired couple or a home where I won’t be alone for long periods of time and structure. I need to have clear rules and boundaries if not I will run rough-shod over you and will not be a happy boy. The rules I like is no feeding from the table, in fact I will go into a crate and lay there while you eat, I like a treat when I do this, and as I get better, I will sit by the table and not beg. I also need to know that I have a crate to go into a bedtime with lots of soft blankets to curl up into. I need my crate at bedtime and this is a must. When told to go in, I will run in and sit down, and they you have to do your part, tell me I am good boy and give me a reward. I will sleep through the night without a peep.
I don't mind living with other dogs, as long as they are calm like me, and I need my own space while eating since I get intimidated easily.

I like a big soft bed to sleep in on the floor and I don’t get up on the furniture as it is hard on my limbs when I jump down. I am happy with this because when I ever I want loves and attention I will come over to you and ask for some love.

Structure, rules, and love are what I need.

Birthdate: aug. 20 06
Weight: 27.3 lbs
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