Are you a fan of the happy-go-lucky Jack Russell Terrier?

Do you have spare time?

Is your heart and home big enough to share with a Jack in need?

If you have answered “yes!” to any of the above questions, why not consider fostering a recently rescued Jack??

Tucker JRT

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario is a “virtual” rescue, we have no kennel in which to keep the dogs that we are asked daily to rescue. We rely on the kindness of Jack Russell Terrier lovers to provide safe and caring foster homes throughout Southern Ontario. Due to the large amount of dogs that need to be rescued every year we are always in need of suitable foster homes.

This is your chance to find out why we love our Jacks and to marvel at the changes you see in the dog whose life you save by fostering. Please take the time to fill out our online Foster Application and join our team.

At JRTRO we are only able to reply to those that we feel completely meet the criteria for fostering for our organization.

Questions? Please contact us at

Please note that only applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted.

To foster one of our amazing Jacks, you can get started by completing the form below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Before completing this application to foster a JRT/JRT mix from Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario please carefully consider these requirements:

– You understand that JRTRO is run entirely by volunteers and although every attempt will be made to contact you as soon as possible about your application, allowances must be made for the fact that we are all busy people trying our best.

– Jack Russell Terriers are an active, stubborn, independent breed and although they are really intelligent and cute, they are not a good choice for every home, even as temporary foster dogs.

– no children under the age of 8 years are living in the home

– EVERYONE in your home is interested in and excited about fostering a rescue dog.

– You are knowledgeable about terriers and understand their temperaments and personalities. You have plenty of free time each day to devote to feeding, exercising and interacting with a dog.

– You have the patience necessary to train and rehabilitate a rescued dog. You understand that the transition for these dogs into foster homes can take time.

– You understand you may have to house train the dog.

– You understand that you will be financially responsible to feed and house the dog.

– A home visit with a rescue volunteer will be performed, at which time all individuals living in your home must be present.

– You have the right home environment for a dog:—most Jack Russell Terriers do not do well in apartments, therefore each application received for anyone living in an an apartment (hi-rise or condo) will be considered on its own merits.

– You are willing and able to keep the rescue updated on your foster dog by sharing pictures, videos and information via email.

– You have a current veterinarian or have a history with a veterinarian that can be verified. We will use your veterinarian for any medical needs your foster dog requires and we will pay the vetting charges.

– You are willing to travel to pick up a dog, if approved. The rescue does not deliver dogs.

Please note: Due to limited resources, JRTRO can only respond to applications with the above qualifications.

Foster Application Form


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JRTRO provides:

  • Coaching and support
  • All vetting for the Jack

You provide:

  • A safe, patient and loving environment for the Jack to grow into the dog that it was meant to be
  • Exercise and fun
  • Lots of belly rubs and snuggling
  • Updates and photos