Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier.

This wonderful breed is often misunderstood and underestimated, and too many of them end up abandoned or neglected.  Jacks aren’t for everyone but, with the right home, their fierce loyalty and amazing character will shine through.

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To be eligible to adopt a Jack, please complete the online adoption application below. Due to limited resources, please note that only applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted. At this time JRTRO only reviews applications from Ontario

If you have already been approved for adoption, you may pay your adoption fee by PayPal below or by interac transfer to

Don’t see the Jack for you?

We are getting new JRTs in almost daily, so if the friend you are looking for isn’t here today, be sure to check back often to see who shows up next

In fact, it’s a good idea to fill out an adoption application right now so that you will be pre-approved when the right Jack for you becomes available.

Please note:

Due to the volume of applications we receive at JRTRO we are only able to reply to those that we feel completely meet the criteria for adopting from our organization.

All our Rescued Terriers are Spayed or Neutered, Heartworm Tested and Up to Date on Shots. Our adoption fees are as follows, effective January 1, 2022:

Senior dogs (over 9 years): $300
Adult dogs (1-5 years): $525
Adult dogs (6-9 years): $475
Puppies (4 months to 1 year): $650*
Puppies (under 4 months): $850*
Dogs with Pre-existing health concerns to be a negotiable adoption fee

*Puppies that are too young to neuter/spay will be the responsibility of the adopter to do so at their expense. A deposit of $200 will be paid to JRTRO upon adoption and a grace period of 6 months will be given for the neuter/spay to be completed, at which time the $200 deposit will be returned to the adopter once proof has been provided to JRTRO.

We are run only by volunteers and receive no funding. Adoption fees do not cover our costs incurred for each rescued dog. We rely on kind donations, fundraising and adoption fees to cover the costs for rescue, rehabilitation and placement of our rescued Jack Russell Terriers.

What Does it Mean to be a Rescue?

There are of course, a multitude of answers to this question. The Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario Inc. was established based on the philosophy that we would save the ‘most needy’ dogs. The reality is that dogs that have ended up in that situation are there because of human irresponsibility. Many of them have been badly neglected, abused, had medical conditions that have been left untreated, and have in many cases, ended up being dumped at a shelter, where the shelter has assessed them and determined they are unadoptable due to behavioural issues, medical problems, or both. Many of them have hours, or less, to live when we speak for them. These are the ‘most needy’ and these are the dogs that we save because no one else will. Most of our volunteers are fully aware of this, and they stay with the JRTRO because they completely respect this philosophy and want to be part of the small group of committed volunteers that work to save these lives. However, it does mean that many of our dogs are not perfect, many do have issues, and this is to be expected after the unfortunate lives that most of them have led. So if you want to adopt from us, please be aware of this, and give your new adoptee the love, time and patience they deserve. We are always willing to help with the adjustment period, which can take months. If you are willing to adopt one of these needy dogs and give them the chance to lead the life they deserve, your life will also become much fuller, much richer and filled with far more love and gratitude than you have ever experienced.

Our rescued Jacks are usually saved from abusive situations or certain death in shelters and for so many this is their first chance at having a real home, real love, food and care from a loving family. We feel that we must; for their sake have a stringent process for selecting our adoptive families.”


To adopt one of our amazing Jacks you can get started by completing the form below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at Before completing this application to adopt a JRT/JRT mix from Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario please carefully consider these requirements:

  1. JRTRO is run entirely by volunteers and every attempt will be made to contact you as soon as possible about your application; allowances must be made for the fact that we are all busy people trying to do our best.
  2. Jack Russell Terriers are an active, stubborn, independent breed, and although they are really intelligent and cute they are not a good choice for every home.
  3. All applicants for adoptions must be over the age of 18 . You have carefully considered the commitment required to care for a dog for its entire life, which could exceed 15 years.
  4. The financial commitment necessary to properly feed, house and provide adequate veterinary care for a pet can be expensive. You have considered the possibilities of emergency veterinary costs arising and have a plan in place to deal with such situations. You realize as dogs age, their veterinary care requirements may increase and costs may increase accordingly.
  6. You are knowledgeable about terriers and understand their temperaments and personalities. You have plenty of free time each day to devote to feeding, exercising and interacting with a dog.
  7. You have the patience necessary to train and rehabilitate a rescued dog. You understand that the transition for these dogs into new homes can take time and you may have to house train the dog.
  8. A Home Visit with a rescue volunteer will be performed when all individuals living in your home are present.
  9. You have the right home environment for a dog:

– no children under the age of 8 years are living in the home
– Jack Russells do not do well in apartments. Each application received from apartment dwellers will be considered on its own merits.

  1. You are willing and able to keep JRTRO updated on your dog’s progress by sharing pictures, videos and information via email or social media.
  2. You have a current veterinarian, have a history with a veterinarian, or have access that can be verified.
  3. You are willing to travel to pick up a dog. The rescue does not deliver dogs.


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