Before you consider giving up your dog, please read the following:

My dog has bitten someone – I need to find another home. Unfortunately, we do not accept biting or aggressive dogs into the rescue; we do not have the resources to rehabilitate these dogs. However, there are a variety of possible options, such as hiring an animal behaviourist and behaviour modification you can do yourself. Sometimes a vet visit and asking the right questions will help uncover a solution. Please contact us for advice, rescuing a JRT doesn’t always have to mean finding it a new home.

I’m moving next week and I can’t take my dog. Where are you located? JRTRO is a volunteer organization run almost entirely through the Internet. We do not have a facility or shelter to house dogs; all the dogs we do have up for adoption are either with their current owner or placed in the very limited foster care we have available. Please contact us to discuss possible options. We are usually unable to assist on such short notice.

Did your dog come from a breeder and have you contacted them? Respectable breeders should be either willing to take their dog back or at least aid in helping you find a new home for your JRT. We insist that you try this avenue prior to contacting us for a relinquishment; as well the process is often much quicker then rescue.

Relinquishment Requirements

  • All dogs coming into the rescue must be up-to-date on their yearly vaccinations.
  • JRTRO does not adopt dogs out until they have been altered. If your dog in still intact, the cost of your relinquishment fee will be increased to cover the cost of spaying/neutering your dog. We will arrange to have the procedure done before the dog is placed.