If you need to release a Jack Russell to our Rescue, please read below for instructions and a description of how the process works.

1. The first step is to fill out the online relinquishment form. Please ensure that you fill out the entire form, any omissions will only delay the process. Applications are reviewed by the JRTRO Relinquishment Coordinator who will get back to you, either outlining the next steps or inquiring about more information on your JRT. We then make the decision as to whether your dog is a candidate for our rescue.

2. If your dog is a candidate for adoption, we will send you a Relinquishment Contract (an MS Word document available via an email attachment), which you will need to sign and return to us. The contract states that you give up the rights to the dog if it is adopted, and that the dog has never bitten anyone in the past. If the information is incorrect and the dog attacks someone then you could still be liable; the only biting incident we may consider on an individual basis is if children were bitten. JRTs are typically not good with children in the first place and should be supervised at all times; they will not tolerate being teased by a child.

When you return the contract to us, we also ask that you include a relinquishment fee of $150, as much information about your dog as possible for our Petfinder posting and 3 or more clear pictures of the dog. The more information and pictures you provide the easier it is for us to place your dog.  The pictures will be placed on our Petfinder website and are also sent to potential adopters.  We are able to accept pictures via email also.

** Please Note** the Relinquishment fee is not for profit. We are all volunteers who do this in our spare time. Jack Russell Terrier Rescue is not subsidized in any way, so we depend on the relinquishment and adoption fees to keep the rescue going. Vet fees are expensive and should we rescue a stray JRT those funds go to cover the vetting and other costs for its care. If you cannot afford to pay the relinquishment fee please speak with the Relinquishment Coordinator.

3. We are a virtual rescue, there is no physical shelter. We do have a handful of foster homes but there is usually a long waiting list of dogs waiting to get into one. Shelter dogs that are in danger of being euthanized take priority when we have an available foster. In an emergency situation, we will try our best to place him/her in a foster home. Unfortunately, more often then not, there is nowhere for the dog to go. If you cannot keep the dog then we recommend that you keep looking for a home yourself also.

4. The next step can be a waiting game while we see if your dog matches up with someone on our existing adoption waiting list or wait for potential adopters to contact us regarding your JRT via the PetFinder website. The Adoptions Manager will interview potential adoptive families to find a suitable home for your dog based on the information you have provided. We do not have time limits for dogs, as it is more important to place the dog in a home best suited for him/her.

Please remember that each and every JRTRO member is a volunteer and does this out of their love for Jack Russells.